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    Rudraksha mala

    Rudraksha mala
    Posted on
    You can find suitcases made of wood, precious stones, bones, seeds. Malas are used to count prayers during meditations over the years. Rudrashkas are seeds from the Eleacarpus tree, and...

    Myth 5 - Artisans only receive their money after we sell their products

    Mito 5 - os artesãos só recebem o dinheiro depois de vendermos os produtos deles
    Posted on
    At Worldyouneedislove we have stock in Portugal, our artisans, as well as all those who work under the name of fair trade receive as soon as we place the order,...

    Myth 4 - Fairtrade products are of poor quality

    Mito 4 - os produtos de comércio justo tem pouca qualidade
    Posted on
    The truth is that Fair Trade products are handmade products, often unique as they can all be different. Handmade was often wrongly quoted as "anyone can do it" or "do...

    How to choose your meditation bag?

    Como escolher o seu mala de meditação?
    Posted on
    Bags are more than a jewel, they encourage us to pause, breathe and align our intentions. They motivate us to take care of us. Let this feeling guide you. Here's...

    Myth 3 - Fair trade is charity

    Mito 3 - o comércio justo é caridade
    Posted on
    Fair trade is a form of business where people are paid a fair wage and treated with respect and dignity. There is no doubt that this form of commercial helps...

    Myth 2 - Fair trade is only about food

    Mito 2 - o comércio justo apenas diz respeito à comida
    Posted on
    The truth is that there are hundreds of fair trade products: from jewellery, clothing, decoration items, basically, everything we buy may or may not have the fair trade seal. When...

    Myth 1 - Fair trade is more expensive

    Mito 1 - o comércio justo é mais caro
    Posted on
    Fair trade products are competitively priced compared to conventional trade products. Fair trade organizations are created to provide reasonable costs to consumers, while at the same time giving a higher...

    Fairtrade Myths

    Mitos do Comércio Justo
    Posted on
    Knowledge about fair trade and sustainability has increased in Portugal, but there are still some myths that we have to fight, over the next few days we will demystify some...

    What to change in 2020

    O que mudar em 2020
    Posted on
    Think about the vast majority of products we buy: we consume and throw away. But we know that many can live longer. We talk here many times about the chain...

    What is fair trade?

    O que é o comércio justo?
    Posted on
    This should probably be the first of all our texts, but there is so much to share that we often end up getting lost. Therefore, today the motto is what...

    sustainable fabrics

    Tecidos sustentáveis
    Posted on
    In an attempt to be more sustainable, and to make more conscious purchases, it is important to know which fabrics to choose. So we made a ranking of which are...

    Fashion can end modern slavery

    A moda pode acabar com a escravidão moderna
    Posted on
    The global study on slave labor shows that more than 40 million people are trapped around the world in modern slavery. 71% of these are women, forced to work and...

    How fashion affects climate change

    Como é que a moda afecta as alterações climáticas
    Posted on
    The fast pace and nature of fast fashion has a big impact on climate change. If clothing consumption stays that way, fashion will be responsible for 25% of climate change...

    Capsule Cabinet

    Armário Cápsula
    Posted on
    We appeal to sustainable, ecological and ethical consumption, but it is not always easy to guarantee a closet with ethical, sustainable or locally produced clothing. This for us is one...

    The importance of buying locally

    A importância de comprar localmente
    Posted on
    Buying locally is not a new concept, but it is becoming more and more vital. Local companies try to survive in an industry surrounded by large multinationals. And this not...

    How can I buy in fair trade?

    Como posso comprar no comércio justo?
    Posted on
    After all, how can I start buying in fair trade?

    How to offer ethically this Christmas?

    Como oferecer de forma ética este Natal?
    Posted on
    Offer ethically and responsibly this Christmas

    Beginning of everything!

    Princípio de tudo!
    Posted on
    Our journey comes to an end, but won't the end be the beginning? Little by little we got homesick. Da Duna, who received several videos during the week, was fine...

    Introduction to Vietnam - Hanoi

    Introdução ao Vietnam - Hanoi
    Posted on
    Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. Never in my life could I imagine visiting Vietnam. I don't know if it's because it seems like a far away place or if...

    Across the border in #Vietnam

    Pela fronteira no #Vietnam
    Posted on
    There are moments that mark us forever. For good and for bad. These moments can be big events like the birth of a child, our marriage, the realization of a...

    wedding in Laos

    Casamento no Laos
    Posted on
    After having written the previous text to you, we had the opportunity to go to a new wedding. This time we were able to attend the entire Buddhist ceremony and...

    the pleasure of freedom

    O prazer da liberdade
    Posted on
    Taking off your shoes when entering a temple or a house, hostel, hotel, and even some shops in Asia is mandatory. And for me this gesture is very symbolic. To...

    Across the border in Laos

    Pela fronteira no Laos
    Posted on
    We crossed the border from Thailand to Laos. We bought our ticket to Luang Prabang, Laos, in Chiang Rai and we would be escorted from our Hostel to the city...

    If there was a dreamer's job

    Se houvesse um trabalho de sonhadora
    Posted on
    If there was a dreamer's job, I would want to be CEO. I can spend hours dreaming about the trip we're going to take tomorrow, the vacation I'm going to...

    North, food and elephants

    Norte, comida e elefantes
    Posted on
    We're from the North, I don't know if it's like that all over the world, but the North is where you eat best: Portugal and Spain are two perfect examples....

    red hot bangkok

    Bangkok ao rubro
    Posted on
    We arrived in Bangkok sleepy from a long 12-hour drive from Koh Pangan . We had marked the place where we were going to sleep through booking and since it...

    Thailand's beaches

    As praias da Tailandia
    Posted on
    In a country where you wish good morning using the phrase: have you eaten rice today? I knew I would be well delivered, how is it possible to have a...

    New York in Winter

    Nova Iorque no Inverno
    Posted on
    And this time we have tips from New York. For those who are thinking of going, I advise you to go through the TimeOut New York website, and this tip...

    Christmas away from home

    Natal fora de casa
    Posted on
    This Christmas we exchanged the house for discovery, we exchanged the family pampering for the smiles of strangers. We will not have cod, boiled potatoes or olive oil, we will...

    Passage to the other side of the world

    Passagem para o outro lado do mundo
    Posted on
    For those who follow us on instagram, you have seen from our stories that one day we were in Central America, after a week we were already in Doha and...

    Costa Rica, Pura Vida

    Costa Rica, Pura Vida
    Posted on
    Leaving Nicaragua and entering Costa Rica is not a challenge, despite being full of people, the border is quiet. With no one wanting to “help” and with all procedures very...

    Weddings in Central America

    Casamentos na América Central
    Posted on
    The Nicaraguans or Nicas are an extremely hospitable, friendly people with a huge heart. We never get tired of repeating this. When they heard that we were on our way...

    It's my birthday

    It’s my birthday
    Posted on
    Yesterday was my birthday, 30 years. I hope 1/3 of my life. By this time we often put life in perspective. As we were growing up, this was the age...

    Nicaragua, the biggest surprise

    Nicarágua, a maior surpresa
    Posted on
    Ivo had already heard about Nicaragua from surfing, a friend told him that Nicaragua was Costa Rica a few years ago. But since we hadn't been to Costa Rica either,...

    By road #15 at the borders

    Pela estrada #15 nas fronteiras
    Posted on
    And the day came when we had to leave Guatemala. We love the country, its people, the weather. Was hard. We agreed that we were going to leave very early...

    Today we thank you

    Hoje Agradecemos
    Posted on
    In the United States, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated today. It is a tradition that is not ours but it should. Why did we adopt Halloween when we already had Carnival?...

    Go up the Acatenango

    Subir o Acatenango
    Posted on
    The emotions writing this post are so many that I don't even know where to start. We were in Antigua for a week, and we were seeing people at the...

    Traveling as a couple, challenge

    Viajar em casal, desafio
    Posted on
    First of all, we warn you that this post is not for lamechices. Traveling as a couple is the best and worst thing in the world. Being together 24/7 is...

    On the road through Guatemala #14

    Na estrada pela Guatemala #14
    Posted on
    From Tikal we had to go to Antigua. Saturday was wedding day. And it was already Thursday. It wasn't many kilometers, 500. We had read some recent stories of blocked...

    ancient, enchanted

    Antigua, encantada
    Posted on
    We were privileged to have a wedding in Antigua. We rushed there from Tikal to make sure we arrived on Friday. We wanted to be with the friends who got...

    Tikal, the planet of the apes

    Tikal, o planeta dos macacos
    Posted on
    The Central American region was populated by the Mayans. It is impossible to escape all its history, beauty and culture. In Mexico, there are still those who speak Mayan and...

    Kimberly and Jimmy's Antigua

    A Antigua de Kimberly e Jimmy
    Posted on
    Our wedding in Guatemala had been scheduled for over a month. In Saltillo, shortly after we had crossed the border, we met a family that was having a wedding in...

    On the border road #13 Guatemala

    Na estrada pela fronteira #13 Guatemala
    Posted on
    We read a lot about borders, and we knew that Central America had some of the worst. In this case, it took us three hours to travel from Belize to...

    On the border road #12 Belize

    Na estrada pela fronteira #12 Belize
    Posted on
    After the wedding we had in Mexico it was time to head to Belize. We had taken out the insurance for a month and the reality is that it had...

    Preparations for a wedding

    Preparativos de um casamento
    Posted on
    Anyone who has organized a wedding knows that much more than the day, the process of planning everything is an adventure in itself. That's when we think about all the...

    the reheated

    O Recalentado
    Posted on
    Day 2 of Paulino and Gabi's wedding, or as the Mexicans call it: the day of the reheated. We go early to the venue, the party starts at two but...

    Gabi and Paulino

    Gabi e Paulino
    Posted on
    When I wrote the post about the traditions initially we still didn't have a wedding. We were looking but we always arrived late. In Bacalar, we went to the church...

    the mexican caribbean

    O Caribe Mexicano
    Posted on
    The Yucatan Peninsula is made up of three states: Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo. We've already talked about Campeche and Yucatan a little. But Cancun and what follows further south...

    Mexican wedding traditions

    Tradições casamento Mexicanas
    Posted on
    We are passionate about weddings. In Mexico we went from village to village, asking for marriages, we always failed by a little. We feel a little frustrated. Then we had...

    Travel with the Dune #2

    Viajar com a Duna #2
    Posted on
    Traveling with a dog has its challenges. Or rather, traveling has its challenges. It's not like going on vacation, it often puts you to the test. The Dune is often...

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