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Day 2 of Paulino and Gabi's wedding, or as the Mexicans call it: the day of the reheated.

We go early to the venue, the party starts at two but we want to see more of the preparations. Simpler, also known as the day of the reheated, it serves to share what happened the day before, they explain. People arrive, not everyone is dressed in traditional Oaxaca fashion but the spirit is there. There is a basket with paper flowers for the ladies to put in their hair.

People are sitting down and we once again escape to the kitchen. There are family members cooking. Some appetizers will be served: chorizo, fava beans, crickets, and jerky. Then very Mexican tacos. The bride and groom haven't arrived yet. A drink with Mezcal is also prepared - xingorolo. Mezcal is a tequila-like drink made from cactus but is made from blue agave. Xingorolo is a mixture of Mezcal with beer, grapefruit juice and ice. The clay cup is adorned with worm salt.

Soon the music starts, people dance to Oaxaqueño folklore. The bride and groom go to the dance floor, sit on a chair and grab an earthenware jug.

The music starts and people pick up vases that break at the feet of the bride and groom while wishing them good luck. In the meantime, they give money to the bride and groom for the honeymoon, and in the end it is said who managed to raise more: the bride or the groom.

This tradition is more from the southern region of Oaxaca - Istemeña. The party continues with people dancing once more. I don't know how they manage to have so much energy.

We took the opportunity to speak with the newlyweds and learn a little more about their history. Together for several years, they live in Playa del Carmen. They went out with mutual friends to the famous “Coco Bongo” and fell in love.

As he has family from many places, Bacalar was a place where it was easy for everyone to get there. People came from Villahermosa, Mexico City and Oaxaca. These last ones were hit hard by the earthquakes that were felt and maybe that's why the desire to celebrate life was strong.

Meanwhile, it's still time to taste some more liqueurs made with Mezcal. We tried the one from Guanabara and we became fans. Once again we went out and the party was not over.
Stay tuned because we are preparing a video with this fun wedding.

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