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We often think about how we can make a difference and contribute to a better world. When we buy from small businesses, we are helping a child to go to school, for a child to be able to buy medicines for their parents, for someone to achieve their dream. But more than that, when shopping at World You Need is Love, you are giving tools to entire communities to have a better life, learn a business, so that they can evolve and give their children new perspectives for the future.

We practice fair trade principles, and every purchase made at the World You Need is Love concept store will help communities, either because we buy from those communities directly, or because our partners produce their products there fairly. That is, with fair wages and decent working conditions. Our brands are small businesses that know who made each piece. Ask yourself every time you buy something: who made this? If you know the answer, you are certainly making a more sustainable purchase.

At World You Need is Love, we encourage our customers to wear their clothes more than just a collection. We look for pieces that are not tied to a season but to a style so that they can be reused and thus avoid waste and the environmental footprint of our customers. Textile waste is a reality.

Fashion is innovation and change, so we believe that this is the way to a better ecologically and socially more responsible world.

Together we can change the world one purchase at a time, and we want to help you in that mission.

By purchasing our products, you are currently helping the following institutions:

* By falling in love with one of Thailand's bags, you are helping Narissara and her team to continue a small business that allows them to increase their monthly income and take care of their children at the same time. No two pieces are the same, they use local fabrics, hand-embroidered by women from northern Thailand.

* By purchasing Karinga covers you are giving the opportunity to thousands of women, in India, talented and ambitious artisans looking for work, to guarantee the sustainability of their family and guarantee the education of their children.

* By purchasing our collection of necklaces and bracelets (bags) you are helping several institutions including the Bali Street Kids Project. Contributing for abandoned children to have access to a home with primary care, and to attend school. Access to education is also extended to children residing in the poorest neighborhoods of Bali.

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