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Preparations for a wedding

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Anyone who has organized a wedding knows that much more than the day, the process of planning everything is an adventure in itself. That's when we think about all the ones we love the most and how to give them a unique day. For many newlyweds, it's in the tests that they really eat. Since in the day they are super nervous. In Cancun we were invited by Utopik to watch all of Mirelle and Greg's preparations.

They are the sweetest American couple we know. They live in New York together for some time now. And they decided to get married in Mexico because they always had a strong connection with the country. Greg's brother lives in Mexico City and is married in Acapulco. They wanted a beach party, and they got something on the beach anyway. We were delighted with the place that only Utopik can tell you where it is, and we laugh remembering how it would be almost impossible to do something like this in the north and Portugal with all of Nortada.

On the first day with them we started by choosing the dishes. We went to the atelier of chef Federico Lopez with whom we can talk about normal choices and how everything works. Utopik only works with the best professionals and it was great to see this chef's experience. Then we joined the table to taste the delicacies that had been prepared. The bride and groom opted for starters with a taste of Mexico and then for main courses that are more comprehensive to everyone's taste.

At the table we got to know each other a little more. Greg has already vacationed in Portugal. The family had a house in the Algarve but they don't remember, it was very small. He and Mirelle attended the same school and for a while they only knew each other by sight. Amidst laughter, Mirelle says that she thought he was what we would call in Portugal "a dummy". Through mutual friends they became good friends. Greg had a friend who liked Mirelle. But it didn't. Then one day Greg decided to kiss her and they've been a happy couple ever since. The friend took some time to forget about Mirelle but everything is fine now and goes to the wedding.

We flew from there to see the decoration of the space, decide on flowers, towels, chairs,... nothing is left to chance. And the day had already passed.

The next day we could be alone with the bride as she was going to do her hair and make-up test first thing in the morning. Amazing to organize everything in two days. I think it's only possible with a company helping with the preparations like Utopik .

Later, the groom and the photographer join to see how they intend to organize the day for the photos. Meanwhile, they connect via Skype to the DJ. The bride and groom have some requirements, they are Jewish and there are some traditions they want to keep.

broken glass
Perhaps the most famous! At the end of the ceremony, total silence. The bridegroom breaks a glass with his right foot to remember the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. The glass represents reconstruction and the ritual symbolizes that man is mortal.

The Hour
Surely you've seen that dance where they put the groom in one chair, the bride in another and lift the chairs in the air while they hold the end of a white napkin that they spin. This dance is often performed to the tune of Hava Nagila music. It is a way of honoring the bride and groom.

A dance in which the parents of the bride or groom dance when the last child is married.

Mazel tov
It's time to shout, and wish the bride and groom good luck.

The wedding is only in November but we love this whole team so much that we want to stay and share this very special day. For Greg and Mirelle, love is finding your best friend and spending your life with him.

In the meantime, we are preparing a video with all the details of the preparations for a wedding, stay tuned to get to know this passionate couple better.

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