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On the border road #12 Belize

Na estrada pela fronteira #12 Belize - World You Need Is Love Concept Store
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After the wedding we had in Mexico it was time to head to Belize.
We had taken out the insurance for a month and the reality is that it had already ended a day ago.
Leaving Mexico was easy, stamping passports, picking up our car deposit and moving on.
In no man's land we had to fumigate the mammoth. For those who don't know what fumigation is, as I didn't, they spray the car that supposedly kills bugs and insects that may be lodged in it.
We head towards the entrance to Belize. Here the official language is English.

Stamp in the passport, we take the Duna to enter the country. We had already done everything online so it was quick and we just had to pay. Then the process with the car, also quite simple. They ask to see the inside of the car but after a few days at the beach and with the wedding it wasn't in the best conditions, so the guard thought he shouldn't go in!
We insured for two days and ready to go!

We only stayed 2 days in Belize, because we already had the wedding scheduled in Guatemala. We want to go back, Belize has a Caribbean feel to it and the people are so much fun. It felt like we were in those old Malibu ads. We ended up sleeping in a campsite where we tasted what would be the best pineapple smoothie in Belize and we were not disappointed.

Fun fact: two Belizean dollars buys one US dollar. That's why they accept both currencies and it's easy to convert. Currency fluctuation always varies according to the dollar.

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