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When I wrote the post about the traditions initially we still didn't have a wedding. We were looking but we always arrived late. In Bacalar, we went to the church to ask if there was a wedding and they told us that there was but no contact. We start asking everyone where it would be and they direct us to Paraíso Bacalar. We spoke with Pepe, who was extremely friendly and told us he was going to talk to the bride and groom, Gabi and Paulino. But the bride and groom only arrived on Friday. We offered to be with him and explain everything, there was no need. He loved the project, spoke to the bride and groom and that was it. We have wedding.

Our insurance ended on Sunday and the wedding was on Saturday. We were going to have to leave first thing in the morning for Belize. But it was none of that. We arrived at the wedding and spoke with the groom who told us that it was going to be a two-day party and that the second would honor the traditions of his Oaxaca family. Alright, we decided to stay. Who can say no to two days of partying?

Day 1

It starts at the local church, a simple place with a colonial air that portrays the churches of Mexico well. The groom arrives first, and lines up with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. A whole procession. Pink sets the tone for dresses and shirts. The boys with the rings enter, and the couple's daughter in their arms. Soon followed by the bride. The bride and groom, Gabi and Paulino are already at the altar.

The ceremony is developed as a Christian ceremony, with some Mexican details as we speak here . Upon leaving the church, the usual congratulations and the bride and groom quickly flee. They will arrive by surprise at the party venue. In Bacalar paradise , right in front of the Lagoa das Sete Cores, it is possible to arrive by speedboat. The place is magical.
Upon arrival, the civil ceremony takes place, in the meantime beers and flavored waters have already been distributed. No, they are not our flavored waters, much more natural: orgeat, coconut water, Jamaica water....

the guests take the opportunity to take some pictures

Some canapés circulate among the people. Time to go to the kitchen to see what the delicacies will be.

Appetizers will be served at the table: guacamole and other pâtés for people to share. Then a ceviche, like the one in the photo. And the hot dish is roast beef with prawns, mashed potatoes, and one prepared with sauce. I stay by the kitchen and still give a hand. I adore.

Then the cake is cut and the bride and groom do their first dance. The most important people in this couple's life are being called to share the track with them. Slowly the space begins to fill. Women take off their high heels.

They're all excited, an employee walks around the dance floor distributing beer. There's no time to end this party so good. The Dj distributes hats according to each song: “the roof is on fire” and we see firefighter hats on the dance floor, “mariachi” and typical Mexican hats are distributed,....

We ended up leaving while the party was halfway through, but the second day was promising.

Thank you Gabi and Paulino for delighting us to be on this special day.

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