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Fashion can end modern slavery

A moda pode acabar com a escravidão moderna - World You Need Is Love Concept Store
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The global study on slave labor shows that more than 40 million people are trapped around the world in modern slavery. 71% of these are women, forced to work and underpaid in the fashion industry. That's why fashion can have a more positive impact. Most workers in the fashion industry are underpaid, especially fast-fashion workers. This is because of the irresponsibility of these brands to buy as cheaply as possible, crushing the margins. Fashion companies need to make more and less items in less quantity to always have something new, which means that manufacturers are forced to put pressure on their workers to work hours in order to fulfill their contracts. The risk of slavery is enormous. 

There should be no distinction between ethical fashion and normal fashion. The fashion industry has to realize the impact it has on the world and consumers have to make increasingly conscious choices. 

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