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In the United States, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated today.

It is a tradition that is not ours but it should. Why did we adopt Halloween when we already had Carnival? Thanksgiving is one of the injuries that Americans love most, even more than Christmas. You get together with family, or friends, or family and friends, and there's food and games, and lots of love in the air. A whole month of festivities begins because Christmas never arrives.

But it's mostly a day when people think about what the year has been good for them. And those of us who have been feeling so fortunate these past few months really have something to say thank you for. And here's our list of thanks:

1 - We thank our family - they were there to give us strength. Asking how we are and where we are? Listening to our uncertainties, giving advice. They stayed and you can't imagine how much we think about them every day, how much we wish they'd gone with us to the market in Antigua, the beaches of Mexico, the whole of Nicaragua or that they were now watching Ivo surf in Costa Rica, it's a pro. I thank my family that even though I had more work and I know it's not easy, I realized that I really had to do this and I was never asked for a second to give up.

2 - We thank old friends, who listened to us planning this trip for years and who, although it seemed like it might not happen, always believed that one day, one day we would make it. To those friends who encourage us to go further and who read us and travel a little with us, know that they are in our hearts forever. To those friends that we failed because we weren't there for your birthday, or to hug you at such a special moment, to take you out and forget about your problems, we just have to thank you for continuing to love us so much.

3 - We thank the friends who helped us, who worked on this project with us. These friends came up with ideas like the name World You Need Is Love, others made videos , got us the mammoth, took care of us in Toronto. It is no exaggeration to say that without you we would not have made it.

4 - We thank the friends we made and who revealed to us that the world is the best place to be, and that we were always where we needed to be to get to know them. In Aurora: Ann and Louise, who took such good care of us, Chad and Paul who didn't give up on the mammoth and saved us; in New York: Amanda, who took care of Duna and became an incredible friend, and our first couple: Lipaz and Reem ; in Mexico Cinthia and her loving family who even got us a wedding in Guatemala, and the others who hosted us like the incredible and artistic Baruk and the dogless Barlu, Emilio with such a difficult job and Lilly, Pedro so smart and fun, and the best wedding planner Tanya super excited about the project; and in Guatemala I met Geneve and Mike and then our dear arrows: Susana and Samuel .

5 - We thank the universe for having guided us through the best paths: no robbers, no stones to puncture our tires, no accidents, no corrupt police. The van always broke down in places where it was possible to get help, where we were always fine: the Canadian Tire de Aurora must be the best in the country, and since we arrived in Mexico we have had no problems. For telling us it was better to eat in the van than get food poisoning. For taking us to the safest places because even when we were buried in the sand we couldn't have stayed in a quieter village. And of course Duna was a very important help in this robbery.

6 - We thank the bride and groom who let us be part of their special days. We have 5 weddings already. You've already seen three, but the fourth and fifth are just around the corner.

7 - We thank partners like Fuji and Namortarte who believed in us and supported us, allowing us to go a little further. And to the media that covered us when we left Portugal and others who accompanied us when we had already started the trip.

8 - We appreciate that everything has aligned at the right time for us to be here. And when we return to Portugal with zero accounts, the soul will be full, the heart will burst and the memory will overflow with stories to tell.

Thank you, 2017 was without a doubt the year in which we learned to live, to listen to each other, to move forward.

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