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Traveling as a couple, challenge

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First of all, we warn you that this post is not for lamechices.
Traveling as a couple is the best and worst thing in the world. Being together 24/7 is a challenge. It's not going on vacation, it's traveling. Traveling is constantly being caught out of our comfort zone.

The best things about traveling as a couple are:

1 - being able to console each other and say bad things about everything together
On a trip we are always stepping out of our comfort zone. And that makes for bad days where we just want to be quiet and not hear: Oh no, I think the mammoth is making a strange noise or I don't see where we're going to sleep tonight. So on the bad day of one the other can comfort and show that everything will be okay.

2 - we don't have to do everything ourselves,
Today you'll ask for directions, tomorrow you'll cook, I'll drive now for three hours and you'll follow.
Let's alternate times to make it easier.

3 - have a lot of fun and create lots of memories.
Many years from now we will laugh at the night we had in Coloradas and fondly remember our 15 days in Aurora. Let's tell stories together and that's one of the secrets of a happy relationship.

4 - having a little bit of home nearby,
we miss home, let's not lie. But nostalgia is good, it makes us appreciate and in the meantime we have each other and the nostalgia diminishes a little.

5 - there is someone to help us.
Whether to look through things while we go to the bathroom, or to hold hands while walking through a difficult area.

For now there is nothing that we can enumerate as bad. Of course there are bad days but the benefits of traveling as a couple are worth it. We're not even halfway there, we'll talk again at the end. But we've met other couples on the road and they all love it. I think that Duna has come is also a great advantage, because we can also talk to her. We are actually three. hahahaha

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