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Travel with the Dune #2

Viajar com a Duna #2
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Traveling with a dog has its challenges. Or rather, traveling has its challenges. It's not like going on vacation, it often puts you to the test. The Dune is often the cause of plan changes and some limitation.

We're not going to lie to you that we get angry when we can't take a dog to the beach in a country where dogs are mostly stray dogs and where people throw trash out of windows.

  • We respect and choose less crowded beaches.
  • We ride with Duna in the car with the windows open, she loves it.
  • We give him a lot of water and we are very attentive to what he eats so that nothing hurts him.
  • We bought a jacket to keep her cool that we use on days of extreme heat, it's a jacket that we soak in water and put on. It helps to cool off, she doesn't mind at all so it must taste beautifully.
  • We try to brush daily, we still haven't caught the habit.
  • We opted for outdoor sites and programs so she can walk and get tired a lot.
  • We keep her away from wild animals as well as other dogs to ensure she doesn't hurt them or they hurt her.
  • We've been going to the vet every month, not only because it's something we've needed to cross borders but also because it makes us feel better that she's seen by someone who understands. We add internal and external deworming.
  • If we're too busy at weddings or something, we'll enlist the service of a pet-sitter to stay with her.
  • And at the end of the day, he gives us so much pampering that it's impossible not to love this dog and the idea of having brought her.

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