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On the road through Coloradas #11

Na estrada pelas Coloradas #11 - World You Need Is Love Concept Store
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We arrived at Coloradas. We had seen photographs and it looked like a dream. But the pictures do not show the mosquitoes. Pink lagoons on one side and the sea on the other.

We got out of the car and looked at our legs and there they were, more than 5 of them biting us at once. We saw more flamingos and decided to sleep there and leave the next day for Valladolid as we found the beaches very dirty and the nauseating smell of rotting fish unbearable. The number 1 rule for an overlander is not to drive at night. That's why we really had to sleep there. When we spoke with a German couple who had already been there, they told us that it was in the Colorados that they broke this rule and decided to drive at night.

We were in a bad mood with the place, and he showed us that he can also be in a bad mood with those who visit him. Read on.

To be cooler, already at night, we decided to approach the beach, and buried two wheels. There was no way, we dug a crater. Meanwhile, António approaches to help us, we don't recognize him at first but he is the man from the hardware store where we had gone in the afternoon to buy gasoline for the generator.

He went to get his van, pulled it up and that was it, we did worse. He tried to help and went to call some gentlemen who had a tractor. It was midnight and they said they were tired. As we had insurance, we decided to call the trailer, a story I've already told here. In the morning António appeared again and went to call the masters of the tractor to get us out of there. Eternally grateful.

After a bad night, hours talking with the insurance company, and so many others killing mosquitoes, we decided to go to a small hotel to rest and recharge. We went to Valladolid.

It was Friday and on Sunday we were going to Cancun. Although the peninsula is called Yucatan, it is also home to the state of Quintana Roo, which is where the famous Riviera Maya is located. We rest but the internet is miserable all over Mexico and we can't even work there.

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