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Mexican wedding traditions

Tradições casamento Mexicanas
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We are passionate about weddings. In Mexico we went from village to village, asking for marriages, we always failed by a little. We feel a little frustrated.
Then we had a wonderful day with Greg and Mirelle, when they went to decide everything for the big day which will only be in November. We will tell you more about this experience here.

Along the way, we were hearing from people what weddings are like here in Mexico and we wanted to share it with you. Many of the traditions are older than the time when the Spaniards arrived in Mexico.:

1 - Walking down the aisle with both parents is a way of recognizing both of you on this very special day. And may you both welcome the new family that begins.

2 - The tradition of bows has been used for many years. It's a tradition in other countries but we didn't know about it. Ties are necklaces that are joined together. A necklace for the bride and one for the groom to show the whole village that they are a couple. In the past they were made with fabric or flowers, but nowadays they are made with other materials.

3 - Coins, there are 13 coins that the godparents offer to the bride and groom. They can be gold, silver, or any other material. It is a moment when, by holding them, the bride and groom give thanks for everything they have and what they will have in the future. It is a special time of prosperity.

4 - Then something also very Portuguese. Take something blue, something old, something new and something borrowed.

5 - Many weddings are celebrated on Sunday because it is believed that it is the day of the Sun and that it attracts happiness to the couple.

6 - Godparents are very important in Mexico. They are responsible for helping with all the details of the ceremony. There is the godfather of the tables, the godfather of the cake, and they must help with everything that is needed.

7 - We were told that in some places the dance of notes is still used. After the first dance as a couple, the bride and groom continue to dance and people attach notes to the bride's dress, thus helping with the honeymoon.

8 - In the south of the country, towards the west, Mariachis are common. They show up at the end of the marriage to say it's over.

9 - The food offered is varied, there is no favorite dish like our codfish. It is common the next day for the party to continue for the “reheated” but in fact it is food made again.

10 - The Dance of the Dead. The funeral march starts, and all the men go to the dance floor, hold the bridegroom in the air and start stripping him of all the clothes they can, then toss him into the air several times. Some consider it a distasteful tradition. We found it a lot of fun.

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