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The importance of buying locally

A importância de comprar localmente
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Buying locally is not a new concept, but it is becoming more and more vital. Local companies try to survive in an industry surrounded by large multinationals. And this not only for clothes but also when choosing a restaurant, for example. How many times have we opted for a fast food chain over a small local restaurant? We already talked about this in our previous post.

But it is always important to emphasize that not buying locally has a high cost, both for the planet and for people. Many family businesses close every day because there is no demand for their services, which is why it is very important to support what is done in Portugal. Yes, it will often be more expensive than buying from a chain. But think about the people who will help in the process, the creator of the brand, the seamstresses, the company that sells the fabric,... we can only win. Not to mention unique pieces. Always ask yourself before buying something: who made my clothes? 

Here are examples of Portuguese brands that we love:

Benedita Formosinho -

This. -

Naz -

Mahrla -


Matilda -

Cata Vassalo -

More is Better -

Omnia -

Alice and Co. -


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