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How can I buy in fair trade?

Como posso comprar no comércio justo? - World You Need Is Love Concept Store
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Every day we are encouraged to consume in its various forms. And countless times, more or less consciously, we respond to this stimulus. We are not against consumption, on the contrary, the exchange of goods and services promotes the economy, since the oldest times when exchange was direct without the use of currency, there have always been commercial transactions and these have been central to the development of economies.

What we call for is more conscious purchases, based on the pillars of fair trade.

Fair trade is one of the pillars of economic sustainability and ecology. At the moment it is already a social movement, it is a form of commerce that is committed to establishing fair prices, as well as social and environmental conditions for all workers, guaranteeing balanced chains between producers and consumers. Its great mission is to create and continuously improve the living and working conditions of producers, especially the smallest and most disadvantaged.

Since 1967, the year in which the Fair Trade Organisatie was created in Holland , we have witnessed numerous awareness campaigns with a greater incidence in recent years.

The big question that arises is how do we buy consciously? How do we know that a brand acts fairly with its workers and the environment? No, this is easy to answer. But every day we can make small changes that have huge impacts on the lives of other families. We can choose from the neighborhood grocery store to a giant of modern distribution, buy the vegetables directly from the farmer or in small fruit shops that know the origin and face of those who produced what will end up on our table. Our suggestion is to start with small changes in our daily consumption patterns, stay tuned that we will soon share tools that tell us which brands we can trust. Purchase by purchase we contribute positively to changing the world

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