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How to offer ethically this Christmas?

Como oferecer de forma ética este Natal? - World You Need Is Love Concept Store
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This is the time to buy a lot of things that we often don't even need. That's why we've come here to give you the best ideas for a more ethical Christmas. This matters not only for what you offer but also for how you offer it. Christmas shopping can make a difference in the world, if we do it consciously and responsibly.

Buy less: instead of buying for everyone, gather friends in a group, family in another and make the secret friend, so you can buy something with more quality.

Choose well: don't offer gifts as a joke, it's not a joke what the planet is experiencing. Choose well, something practical, that is useful.

Offer power of choice: if you really don't know what to choose, give a gift voucher, so the person will choose something they need. Or opt for an experience, a dinner at a restaurant in the city, or a massage at the clinic that has just opened, because you will be helping small businesses. 

Do something: how about getting to work and making the gifts yourself? It could be a cookie tin, a frame, something embroidered. 

And finally, pay attention to the wrapping, how about wrapping it with an old newspaper or even a handkerchief? Don't waste more paper than necessary.

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