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Our journey comes to an end, but won't the end be the beginning?

Little by little we got homesick. Da Duna, who received several videos during the week, was fine but our heart was tight with her. Missing the family, giving a hug and a face-to-face conversation to be able to see if everything is okay. We start to miss a shower, hot water to take a shower, lying in bed without first checking if it's full of bed bugs. We wanted to know that we were going to like the food we were eating even before we put a fork in our mouth and not be suspicious of everything trying to avoid some gastroinitis.

We felt like talking in Portuguese with other people, and laughing in Portuguese. It's so good to laugh in our language!
We'd love to feel our world for a while, wear the nice clothes we have at home. Being able to open a drawer to take out a shirt and not be constantly packing your backpack. Not having to start over every day or week, in a new city, in a new country, new language, new money, new food.
But so much time of planning to fulfill a dream and now being full of desire to return?

I want to believe that our brain is way ahead, and is creating this nostalgia the more we are about to return to what we feel like. So that the will urges us, so that we cannot think of anything else. And when we arrived, we enjoyed it all, the conversations with friends, the hugs from the family, the espresso coffee, the smells, the walks, the phone calls, we enjoyed it even more, because we missed you, because we saw how difficult life is in so many others. sites. And somehow, everything that was our life before: was now new again.
And with time we go back to our self. Or at least trying, because what we were in July of last year is no longer here. We changed, and now we are new to ourselves, because on the trip everything was new and we were living the experience. But now it's real. Our reality!

We're here, our friends tell us what happened during these 9 months in 5 minutes and we couldn't summarize it in 5 hours. The things that we previously valued so much have lost their meaning and we feel ridiculous: what for? Why does the rain bother us so much here if we have a roof and a car that takes us everywhere and in other places we laugh for a few drops.

These countries are now ours too, I don't know how it will be at this year's world cup, after Portugal and Spain which country will we support? Imagining the joy of the friends we made in these countries is priceless. And then also the worries, seeing the news that appears now about Nicaragua, our favorite country, makes us worried, how are the friends we made there? The ladies from Hostal Barcelona who welcomed us for a week and liked Duna as much as we did?

Coming back is necessary so we can go again! I always said that I would like to have two lives, for professional reasons, but now I want two lives, one to go and one to stay! One to discover the world with the eyes of a child, the heart of a teenager who falls in love with everything and the understanding of an old lady who has seen a lot and another life to stay at home, with a small business, in the arms of the family, with Sunday lunches ( or on any other day that this restaurant is already known) and Saturday dinners with friends. It won't work, we're going to have to reconcile, to schedule another exit, we're going to have to reinvent ourselves. This is the life that chose us: travel and return. We don't want to travel forever and lose our roots that we love so much, but we don't want to settle for living the same day: over and over again!

It's only been a month and there are days that are getting long. We don't want it to be one less day in our lives, we want it to always be one more day! There are flavors, landscapes that become diffused, when they were so eternal.

We always know what day it is, and we want to go back to not being able to distinguish a Sunday from a Wednesday, or a Monday from a Friday. Losing track of time, deciding which road to choose at any given moment, thinking about the best method of transport and what awaits us when we arrive at a new place. And being alert in every minute, not wanting to miss anything, everything matters, absorbing and reflecting upon reaching a bed at the end of the day. And try to keep it forever in our memory! Wanting to remember where we've been, the names of those we know, the delicacies we ate... at home, not worrying if we don't remember today, it was just one more day!

But the earth is round so we believe this is not the end, and we will have to learn to go back every time!

*We still have a lot to tell about the trip, we'll keep you in the loop!

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