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We appeal to sustainable, ecological and ethical consumption, but it is not always easy to guarantee a closet with ethical, sustainable or locally produced clothing. This for us is one of the great challenges, especially as women we like to have a closet with beautiful pieces and in our style. Making the switch from one day to the next is scary, but there is a way to stay in our style, protect our planet and still contribute to the growth of the well-being of the other.

This path is done step by step, or rather season by season, preparing the closet with the pieces we have available for the season, and figuring out if we really need one more piece of clothing.

3 years ago I built my first capsule wardrobe, was it difficult? It was, but it was above all challenging. I ended up limiting myself to a palette of colors, which they combined with each other so that I could vary as much as possible, within the 30 pieces, for the first 3 months of the challenge, and you won't believe it, at the end of the first quarter there were 2 to 3 pieces that they had never been used, well if this happens in a capsule closet, picture the scenario in a closet without this care. With this small challenge instilled by the mana who was preparing for the trip, I started to value the quality of the piece and not just another “rag” to join so many others.

first concern is the raw material of the piece (cotton, silk, linen, viscose , …) or if the piece is produced with any component that is derived from petroleum with polyester, acetate, acrylic, always preferring pieces of natural origin. because they are more comfortable and have a superior durability. While polyester needs at least 2 generations to decompose. Another very important factor is the cut, a good cut that respects the fibers of the fabric, will help the garment to always wear well, and even if a person makes numerous movements during the day, it always returns to its position.

Of course, all these details will influence the price, because it requires more time to study and prepare each piece. But instead of buying three items that we don't even need that much, we can buy just one and with that guarantee that in addition to good quality we are still contributing to a family in India receiving a fair salary, managing to guarantee the children's schooling. Or we can and should privilege the numerous national brands, some of which we have already mentioned here , which have been developing exclusive collections, with excellent quality fabrics and we still avoid wearing all the same.

And as 2020 is just around the corner, prepare your capsule wardrobe to start the new year!

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