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How to choose your meditation bag?

Como escolher o seu mala de meditação?
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Bags are more than a jewel, they encourage us to pause, breathe and align our intentions. They motivate us to take care of us. Let this feeling guide you. Here's what you should know when choosing a bag, let it guide you to its energy:

For its beauty - choose something that makes you feel beautiful, that gives you that positive energy, if you really like a bag for its beauty, use it.

By your intention - ask yourself some questions, about your intentions, what do you want for your life? What are your struggles? Once you have that clear, look for a suitcase that will help you in this quest.

For its energy - each stone we use in our bags conveys its unique energy, make sure it aligns with your intentions.

By your intuition - Let yourself be guided by your intuition when choosing your bag, don't hesitate, embrace your choice, it often reflects what you want in your life.

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