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Myth 1 - Fair trade is more expensive

Mito 1 - o comércio justo é mais caro
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Fair trade products are competitively priced compared to conventional trade products. Fair trade organizations are created to provide reasonable costs to consumers, while at the same time giving a higher percentage to producers. We achieve this by working directly with producers to eliminate middlemen.

In conventional commerce, there are often multiple intermediaries who handle things like design, purchasing, packaging, shipping, distribution, and marketing. Large companies have different departments or partners to do all of this work, while fair trade companies handle most if not all of these "middle steps".

Our Thai clutch's cost between 32 and 39 euros, they are handmade and unique pieces of design, while in other stores that exist in the Portuguese market we can find even less economical proposals. Of course, we can also find cheaper options, but they are often not the same, products with a unique design, with premium fabrics, handmade, not to mention all the principles behind every purchase.

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