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New York in Winter

Nova Iorque no Inverno
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And this time we have tips from New York.

For those who are thinking of going, I advise you to go through the TimeOut New York website, and this tip is worth whenever you go to a big city. Then follow us on Facebook and 15 days before start seeing what they share, there are always parties, markets,... And that's how we also discovered some really cool places.

We stayed overnight in Brooklyn and felt like real New Yorkers, we didn't pay more than €50 a night, we had several subway lines 5 minutes away. We can leave the Dune rested during the day and off we go.

As always we start with B&H - mega photography store! We went to buy a backpack for all the stuff on the trip, now we are backpackers. And from there we started our hikes, they were close to 18km a day.

The Christmas season had started, we arrived on Black Friday night and that's why we got lost in the markets and even in the most touristy stores like M&Ms, Disney, Victoria Secret,... most beautiful in the Times Square area.

We went to Maddison Square Garden and from there we went to Rockefeller Center. We stopped at the famous Magnolia Bakery but instead of cupcakes we ordered the Banana pudding and it was delicious. It comes in a half-undone jar and is worth every dollar we paid for it.
This was followed by a trip to Central Station that we had failed the other time and right behind the Station there is a more alternative space for lunch where all the restaurants look delicious , we saw donuts with an air of I'm going to get fat-5-kgs -just-looking. But our destination there was Roberta's Pizza. It's thin-crust Italian-style pizza in a wood-fired oven and it was really good.

From there we walked to the Upper East Side, with a walk through Central Park and Bethesda Terrace, which for Gossip Girl fans like me was where Chuck and Blair got married. She dressed as Elie Saab!!! We took the opportunity to take many pictures. It was cold but after 5 months of heat, I confess that we missed it a little bit.

Then we headed to Brooklyn and had dinner there in a dinner that doesn't deserve any honorable mention but satisfied our desires.

The next day we decided to walk the High Line. We walked a lot to warm up, it looked like it was going to snow at any moment. Hunger kicked in after we'd already devoured a Brooklyn bagel with cream cheese and a huge banana muffin for breakfast. My search for good restaurants to eat was long, so it wasn't hard to find one after Chelsea Market. We went to eat a delicious Mac and Cheese in a restaurant that has Mac and cheese of everything! And coincidence of coincidences right next door was a dessert club . We went in and it was full, we ordered a lava cake with ice cream and a cone made with churro dough but inside it was loaded with ice cream. I ordered the red velvet flavor and we were full until the next day!

With all this damage, on our last day we chose to walk around Brooklyn, walk along the Dune and go to the supermarket to eat. We ended up staying another day because Tap set us up a bit and canceled our flight. But after that night, it wasn't for long walks.

And what did you most like to eat in New York?

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