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If there was a dreamer's job

Se houvesse um trabalho de sonhadora
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If there was a dreamer's job, I would want to be CEO.
I can spend hours dreaming about the trip we're going to take tomorrow, the vacation I'm going to take next year, or the trip we're already planning for 10 years from now. But I don't just dream about travel, they are always planning the next step. And if I sometimes force myself to live more in the present, it is this constant need to dream and achieve that makes me move forward.

Often, as we become adults (the most horrible, boring and boring word of all) we feel that we can no longer dream and make those dreams come true, we are no longer old. The responsibility arrives and we give up listening to the heart. When was the last time you had a dream? We all dream of winning the EuroMillions and what we would do, but then there are different types of dreamers: those who dream of the impossible: Mermaids, fairies, comic book heroes; those who dream of what is beyond the visible: like astronauts, those who research quantum physics, scientists, ...., and then those who dream possible dreams, who see an ocean and look for its blue ocean or white, they try to make a difference, and even if it seems impossible, they try, because for them, if you try hard, you can. But we must never give up, especially because we have to fight a negative world, which tells us that nothing is possible, that we are crazy.

But the dream is what pushes us forward, with little pushes. Anyone who knows me knows that I've had more than a thousand business ideas and that some have progressed to a more or less detailed business plan, you know that some went ahead and others got stuck. Sometimes they may not take me too seriously... “Oh no! Here she comes with another idea that will never advance...” but I try. I'll test how far I can go and if I see that I don't have time or it doesn't work, I give up, I insist on some things, like this trip.

I'm also a dreamer of others, it's seeing someone tell me that they want to change their lives, that they would like to open a business, that they are dreaming of something and although sometimes I don't say so so as not to seem like a busybody, I start thinking about what a person could do to take that dream forward.
I love dreaming as much as I like trying to move from ideas to actions, in the jobs I've had, one thing I can say is that I rarely said that I couldn't do it or that something couldn't be done in two days, if it's to be done, it's to be done and we'll get hands on. to work before it is too late.

Traveling for so long, every day is planned, dreamy. Today I dream about our trip to the Mekong River Delta and I know that tomorrow I will enjoy everything but already dreaming and planning our trip to Cambodia is a constant of days planning for tomorrow. That's why I hate routine, in routine we don't think, we don't plan, it's there and it's the same every day! And we are already planning something very cool for the return that has been stealing my days a little bit. Hope you are curious!

If there was a dreamer's job I wanted to be CEO.

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