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What to change in 2020

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Think about the vast majority of products we buy: we consume and throw away. But we know that many can live longer. We talk here many times about the chain that exists before we buy a product, but the after is also very important. We've seen many images of the seventh continent, the plastic one, and photographs of dead whales and dolphins with their bellies full of plastic. It is very difficult to get rid of plastic, so it is best to learn not to consume it:

1 - No more plastic wrapping, those very pretty cardboard boxes that come with plastic around them are not a good idea. Look for items that come, only wrapped in paper. If you want a chocolate, opt for an artisan one. 

2- Avoid plastic clothes. Almost likely that you are dressed in plastic, synthetic fabrics are made of plastic. It seems unimportant but with each wash the clothes will release plastic that will end up in the ocean. We have already mentioned this in previous posts. Choose organic cotton. 

3 - choose beauty products that are not wrapped in plastic - solid soaps, cosmetics in glass jars.

4 - take care of the tea - did you know that what keeps the tea inside its sachet is polypropylene, choose tea without a sachet.

And we're not going to talk about the basics here: having your glass bottle to fill with water, taking your cloth bags to buy bread and reusable bags for the supermarket, among others. 

Always think before you buy anything. 

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