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Toronto, walking

Toronto, a caminhar
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In Toronto there is entertainment for everyone. We were lucky enough to stay with family members and get to know the city through their eyes.

As Canada is a large country, with one of the lowest population densities, the cities are extensive and we were prepared to walk. Good thing we wear comfortable shoes, it could only be like that with Namorarte's shoes. By our side followed Duna and Wells, our family's dog who is being trained as a service dog.

Dogs are allowed on all public transportation in Toronto, and people love animals. It was a pleasant surprise for us. However, Dune was scared to ride the subway, we quickly realized that walking underground is not for her.

Upon arriving in the city, we start at one of the most ironic places in the world, next to the Opera house in Sydney and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the CN Tower. It is the second tallest structure in the world at 553m. Right next to the tower we have the oceanarium and the Rogers Center, for sports lovers.

The most popular sport in Toronto is ice hockey, then basketball. Both can be played in skydome.

We continue to Union Station, a train station that has been relocated, and is now located on top of the Canadian secret police headquarters. It is a temple to trains, with beautiful old carriages. For some time it was the arrival of many immigrants to this city.

We continue to wander through Toronto to the hottest source for dog fanatics. More than a dozen dogs stare at a bone at the top of the fountain. We have already mentioned how in Canada everything is resolved and everyone is heard. Cat lovers criticized the source for not having cats, so two cats were placed looking at the dogs with indifference, typical of our friends. We took advantage of the excuse of being with our 4-legged friends for an "in-the-canadian-way" meal, a delicious Mr.Sub Sandwich, I look forward to them in Portugal. And there we sat on a park bench, with the tired dogs at our feet.

Then we walked to New City Hall. In Toronto everything is new. Unlike in Europe where we have a relationship with buildings, here when building the new town hall the government said it would tear down the old one but the population did not let it and now we have the two buildings side by side, with the letters of Toronto downtown, making tourists linger on the photos.

As the clouds insisted on staying, the day was a pleasant temperature which allowed us to continue to Eaton Center. One of the busiest squares, where neon lights, shops and people mingle, telling us that we are in one of the most cosmopolitan and cool cities in the world.

Along the way, we also passed the Canadian stars tour, where Nelly Furtado has her star, and the graffiti lane, our favorite place to photograph.

We ended up having dinner at one of the coolest places in Toronto, Sushi on Bloor. They offer a complimentary miso soup and green tea ice cream, and then all you have to do is order, tempura, sushi and sashimi. We left there rolling but it was impossible not to eat everything, what a delight!

Tip - we already know that we have to catch the needs of our 4-legged friends. But in Toronto we have a $350 fine if we don't.

Photos with Fujifilm X-T2 Camera

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