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What if we only had a week?

E se só tivéssemos uma semana? - World You Need Is Love Concept Store
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If we only had one week to go around the world, where would we go? Easy, Toronto. Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the seat of government for the province of Ontario.

(As everything in Canada is a result of democracy, its capital is Ottawa, so it was decided to be halfway between Toronto and Montreal.)

Toronto was considered the best city to live in, after Brisbane, Sydney and Vienna. But that's not why we would go there to go around the world. We would go because in Toronto we can travel the world. Here people are encouraged to preserve their cultures and traditions.

And more than 40% of the people are not natives, which makes this city a little world. In Toronto we can walk through each street as if it were a country, and Portugal is well represented, we have little Portugal, little Italy and Chinatown with signs in English and in the represented languages. It's a great way to receive. In addition to the three streets above, we also have Greektown, Indian bazaar, Korean and polish street, little Japan, even little Tibet…

More than 180 different dialects and languages are spoken in the city.
Toronto is also proud to have more than 8,000 restaurants, which represent 6% of the local business. For someone who loves different foods, it would be the ideal place for a weeklong trip around the world, trying all these delicacies.

Toronto is a great city to feel Canada, in addition to preserving all this cultural diversity, it is also an example in the understanding of the human being, ceasing to be gay-friendly to assume itself as a gay-neutral city.

It is impossible to walk through its streets and not feel at home.

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