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We should change the title to two weeks on the ugliest street we've ever seen. Okay, we haven't seen many yet, at the end of the trip we'll see if it really makes sense to have Sudbury in this ranking.

We stayed in a big house, where it was allowed to take the Dune. But it was on a really ugly street, the road was under construction and the smell of tar came in through our noses. Buses ran every hour, supermarkets were an hour's walk away. Nearby we had Tim Hortons and Dairy Queen, that was it, everything was in our favor.

On the first day, we woke up to another gray day, like the one we arrived. But we had an appointment at 07.00 in the morning. Here the days start early. We walked with our friend to see places with history in my life, but before that we still went for a good breakfast. A place open only for breakfast, what a dream. And we saw real business meetings there, like our lunches. On the way we also went to a friend's warehouse with beautiful old cars. And of course we went to see our van.

On the second day, we were still full of energy, so we decided to go to Big Nickel. Nickel, Canada's 5 cent coin, has a relationship with the city, as we've already talked about here. This Big Nickel was built with 5 cent coins and would have the value of 10 dollars, has already celebrated 50 years and is a landmark for anyone visiting the city.

On the third day we went to the city center, we went for a walk and went to the gay pride parade. In a city made up of bikers and miners, it was beautiful to see the amount of people who joined and we managed to have some testimonies about what love is.

And then followed an amalgamation of days, where between going to try the drone, sending emails, going to the supermarket on foot (45m to each side) there is not much to record. We just wanted our van ready.

The sun came up and we decided to go to Lake Ramsey. We had a little bit of the beach, and the smell of summer. Lake Ramsey is located within the city of Sudbury, full of houses around it and borders the science center - science north, an interactive science museum. The Rainbow Routes association promotes great trails in the area and we were lucky enough to experience the first food trail, where they took us to the best restaurants and gave us free food. A super surprise that brightened up our Saturday.

In the meantime we had the pleasure of being interviewed for the Sudbury Star and being with a few more old family friends.

The last few days were already focused on the van: insurance, buying extra stuff to have in the car like oil and so on.

And now we're almost gone. Finally!

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