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The van was one of the main responsible for putting our nerves on edge in preparation for the trip.

Several alternatives emerged: taking the van already prepared from Portugal, buying a van in South America - Chile is famous for these deals, buying a van in Canada.

As we always wanted to travel in the summer and ended up postponing the trip to July, we only had two options left. We started researching on the kijiji website, a kind of olx from Canada and we saw that if we were lucky we would get a good deal

Canadians like to have their own campervan. With a country this size full of countless natural beauties, they love to go to the lakes or even get away to the USA with their home. So buying a used one wouldn't be difficult.

On the other hand, we didn't want any that were too big, not only because it would be more expensive in terms of fuel but also because we wanted to know that we had no problems getting to more distant places with roads made for smaller cars.

We found some very interesting deals but as soon as we called they had already been sold. Seriously, it looks like hot bread coming out.
Fortunately, my father has good friends and we had one of them helping us with this quest. The Friday before we left, I sent one last van for him to see. Basically, we had everything planned for in Toronto to rent a car and travel with it through the villages looking for good deals.
On Saturday our friend called us and said it was impossible that the owner had already promised it to a friend of a friend. And when we were leaving, the moment we were solving our annoyance with SATA even at the time of boarding, you can see it here, he calls again and says that the guy is willing to sell it to us.

What a relief, starting the trip with a van. Luck protects the bold.
But we didn't know if the van was good or if it would take a lot of repairs. It was in good shape, and on arriving in Sudbury, where our friend is, he immediately informs us. He was a real friend and left it to his company mechanic to fix it, but it didn't take just a week as initially planned, but two.

We went to see the van: wow! Super comfortable seats, big bed in the back, shower, toilet, stove, microwave, air conditioning… a house on wheels.

And for me, the best thing is to be automatic. Here they don't care much for bread, they like vans like ours more, and it's nice to go on the road and see how people smile at us.

In the meantime, let's make some useful tips about this car process.

We promise more pictures of the "mammoth" soon!

All photos taken with Fuji X-T2

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