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On the road through #6 Texas

Na estrada pelo #6 Texas - World You Need Is Love Concept Store
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Harvey left scars all over Texas, especially in the eastern part. That's where we were going to cross into Mexico. We read that the roads where we were going were in good condition to drive and we continued on our way.

We left New Orleans, passed through Baton Rouge, Lafayette and continued on. We had not yet reached the state of Texas and we were already seeing signs that the road would be closed. We had to choose another path, we drove north and then went down to texas. On that route on every secondary road was a police car that wouldn't let through.

As we followed many other people. And we had the opportunity to see the solidarity side of the Americans.
We had read love stories that Hurricane Harvey had brought.

1 - Jim McIngvale has two furniture stores and decided to make use of their beds and mattresses by opening the stores and inviting homeless people to stay there. It even made its lorries and truck drivers available to pick up people. It ended up housing more than 800 people.

2 - Civilians with boats went to save people, not only texas civilians but other states who took their trailers and drove to Texas to save and rescue people.


3 - Matthew Otero with the help of a generator and his family kept his donut shop open to make donuts and coffee to help those who needed strength to start over after the hurricane.

We saw pick-up vans with suitcases full of furniture to donate, trailers loaded with water bottles. A couple that moved us and that followed with a trailer with hay plus their pick-up with water and who wrote “from South Carolina to Texas”. It would have been like going to Germany to donate hay… it takes a lot of love.

So we did the 6,000kms with the certainty that not everyone is interested in the jumps of the first lady of the United States, many are busy trying to help and leave the world a better place

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