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On the border road #7

Na estrada pela fronteira #7 - World You Need Is Love Concept Store
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Our second land border.

Much has been written about land borders. There are countless blogs with tips, with average waiting times, with maps of the customs area. We have everything written in Excel, and when we are 2 days away from crossing the border, we reread everything. We checked the numbers and locations of the embassies. We see what it takes for the Dune. Let's get ready. Once again, I got nervous again. Before, we had gone to a vet to confirm that Duna was fine and that nothing was wrong with her.

We crossed the border into Laredo, Texas, on a hot Friday. The same one in Mexico there was an earthquake of 8 on the Richer scale. We went, they stopped us to check our passports, got into the van to have a look and wished us a good trip. We follow, and nothing, no one else. We stopped 100 meters away at an exchange office and asked where the mammoth permit was obtained.

We arrived at the place, I went to get my authorization to enter the country. Not even the passport had been stamped. Ivo stayed with Dune. I went to another counter to make copies. I went to another counter. They look at the paper I have from Canada on how the car belongs to me, and they say it won't work. Because on paper it only has my nicknames and not my name. The solution is for me to sell the car myself. They send me to another counter. You don't understand what I want, you say it has nothing to do with it. Go ask the person who sent me to that counter. She comes back with the same information, that I have to sell the car to myself, but now with the full name. According to them, it is enough to fill the same paper back in part of the sale. I do. I have to go make copies again. I return again only to the place where they will give me permission. I have to pay a deposit, plus the car's authorization, plus mine. They only accept US dollars or credit cards. Delivery in dollars, the girl finds a fake $20 bill. This is not easy today. I already have everything. I will insure the car. Simple. Nothing to do with the torment we went through in Canada. We do it for a month, but you can do it for 2 or 3 days.

He left and it's Ivo's turn to ask for his permission. They let him pay in pesos. We continued our journey to Saltillo.
The Dune was completely ignored in this process

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