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On road #10 from Puebla to the Sun

Na estrada #10 de Puebla ao Sol
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These 1,000 km were different, after leaving Puebla we were going to stay at Lily's. She told us that she would have another couple staying at her house. For us as long as we could park the mammoth it was perfect. The day before Lily asks us where we are and I say Puebla. The couple who were going there were also in Puebla. They took the bus to her house and of course we immediately offered to take them. We agreed early, they were afraid that their bags wouldn't fit in the van. Anne and Emilio were moving to Mexico, and they were going to live there.

They are wonderful people, with incredible work and with whom we talk for hours.
The landscape changed, we left the mountains for the increasingly dense rainforest.
At Lily's house in Acayucan, we didn't have a hammock. She owns a restaurant and a grocery store. We stayed there, hours and hours talking and drinking beer. Showing Portuguese music. Talking about the work of this fantastic couple. We can say it was Corona's kms, but we didn't drink and drive. It's amazing but here Corona is the same price as water.

Before reaching 10,000 we still managed to reach Villahermosa. We would celebrate independence day or night. We were with Luis and his friends. After doing the typical thing: going to the square to see the scream, when the heroes of independence are shouted, Viva Mexico is shouted and the anthem is sung, admiring the fireworks, we went to his house. Back in the pick-up once again. There we spent hours and hours talking about Portugal, and Mexico about the differences and similarities.

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