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It is difficult to write this post today, when the earthquake in Mexico was yesterday. The second this year. After leaving Huasteca Potosina, we went through mountains, and more mountains. We saw a different Mexico, more worn out, tired, with people on horseback,... it took us 10 hours but we arrived in Puebla. Baruk would be waiting for us, as we arrived so late we ended up going to his house. We were very well received by him and his faithful friend Barlo. Even Duna, very antisocial, surrendered to Barlo's charms and the two played.

Baruk is an actor, has his own company and is a trapeze artist, he teaches anyone who wants to start.
When we arrived in this area, it was inevitable to ask about the first earthquake. What had happened, if any, felt and Baruk there told us that yes they had felt but that it had been further west. Who came running to check on her dog and called her parents to see if everything was okay.

Puebla is a town in the state of Puebla, but Baruk's home is in Cholula, a smaller village but only 10km away. The next day, we took the opportunity to visit the famous church, which is on top of the largest Mayan pyramid in the world, and to see the only active volcano in Mexico from afar.

Cholula is a quiet village, Baruk's house was the perfect place to recharge.

The next day we went to Puebla and strolled through the busy streets as they rehearsed for independence day. In the center of the village someone puts on music and people start dancing. We thought it would be a FlashMoob but they explain to us that it is normal and that people go to the squares for that very reason.

Today the monastery that we showed you was destroyed, the earthquake that was felt on the 18th was very strong in Puebla. Puebla is said to have 365 churches and many were destroyed. When we saw the news all we thought about was Baruk. He felt a lot, traffic was congested, but he is fine, as are his family and friends.

all photos with Fujifilm xt2

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