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Mexico is a country with incredible diversity. It was difficult to choose where to go and what to visit. But Huasteca Potosina, in the state of São Luís Potosi, had some of the best places and we went.

We start by visiting a waterfall, the Tamul waterfall, the largest in the region. As it had rained, the river was high and the only way to get there would be by car and then walking. Upon arriving at the site, we immediately see local guides offering their service. We didn't venture to take the mammoth down the road ahead of us and spoke to the guide. We asked if Dune can go and there we followed. Behind your Pick-up, experience to have here in Mexico. After 10 minutes of potholes and jumps, we parked. We go from one shore to the other by boat and the adventure begins. We must have walked 4 kms, always climbing, between branches, roots, mud, stones. The happy Dune of life, looked like a goat. We see the waterfall above, already completely out of breath. Ask us if we continue, we nod. But further up stairs, and very steep. The Dune tries to go down but fails. Falls. Our guide takes her on his lap because we couldn't with the cameras in hand. We arrived, what force, what violence. 105 meters high. All this contrasts with the giant butterflies that roam the place. There are so many and so fearless that they even land on our face. An incredible experience, until we remember that we have to do it the other way around.

The next day, we headed to the attic of the golondrinas, or swallows. Problems with the car aside, where we speak here. The golondrinas attic is a huge cave that is home to thousands of birds. With a depth of 512 meters, every morning they leave in a circle to take advantage of the currents and at the end of the day they return in chopped flight to sleep here. There are still two hawks who live there, the laziest ones have many days that they don't go out and on others in the morning they just wait for the birds to leave to catch them in full flight. It's not high season, so we find the places deserted. They usually rappel until the end of the hole and it is possible to have an incredible view. We're not that lucky, And we still have to go to Xilitla.

We arrived late, after climbing mountains and more mountains. It is not possible to enter the surrealist gardens and we have to stay overnight for the next day. We stayed at a campsite, and woke up in the morning to the deafening sound of birds singing. Let's go there, and it was one of the most beautiful places we've ever seen in our entire lives. It was in Xilitla that Sir Edward James decided to create his surrealist garden. English poet, friend of Picasso and Dali, he built what is only possible in our dreams, in the midst of vegetation and waterfalls.

all photos with Fujifilm xt2

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