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Japamala Sagrado - World You Need Is Love Concept Store
Japamala Sagrado - World You Need Is Love Concept Store

Japamlas have great power over the body, mind and spirit. They are used to increase concentration, reduce stress, or other emotions, according to their colors. The strength of this sacred japamala comes from its simplicity. Use this paste directly on your skin. Its beads are suitable for counting mantras during meditation. For each chakra, we have an appropriate color that resonates with the chakra that needs your attention.

Hindus discovered the power of sacred Rudraksha beads thousands of years ago. Rudraksha beads are treated as sacred in many cultures: they offer peace, clarity and meaning, this is how they give energy and positive thoughts. The smallest Rudraksha beads are the rarest and strongest in energy. These beads are seen as timeless gems from the gods. Believed to represent the tears of God Shiva, they have been used for hundreds of years to promote one's inner power and lead to a fearless life.

Handmade in Indonesia, blessed in Bali.

By buying our collection of bags, you are helping several institutions, namely the Bali Street Kids Project. Contributing for abandoned children to have access to a home with primary care, and to attend school. Access to education is also extended to children residing in the poorest neighborhoods of Bali.

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