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We will? How does the idea of going around the world come about...

Vamos? Como surge a ideia de dar a volta ao mundo...
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The idea

I won't lie to you, my dream has always been to travel around the world. For those who know me, you know that I always have a thousand things to do, whether it's working for others and studying at the same time, or accumulating work on my own. So how was I going to turn it off and travel? Whenever I thought about it, only one word came to my mind – “boooooooring”. I needed an idea to make the trip richer.

I belong to a “multitasking” generation and I knew that just traveling, as enriching as that was, would bore me. I need to feel challenged every minute, I need to know that learning is constant.

It was on a plane trip that the motto came up, I'm always inspired by travel. I was going to combine my dream of traveling with my passion for making people happy. You can say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one, as John Lennon said. I thought it would be unique to show the world that love is everywhere. I started with the idea of telling you about acts of kindness. However love has a very special magic and with new forms of marriage being liberalized I thought that being present on this special day of a couple where family and friends get together and where we see unique traditions of each country would be SPECTACULAR.

I organize weddings, I am passionate about parties and events. But I think weddings are unique, and there isn't a wedding where I don't cry with joy, whether it's the first dance, or the cutting of the cake under fireworks.

So this blog will not only be about small acts of kindness that we witness every day wherever we go. But also acts of kindness that we do ourselves and we will even tell you stories of couples around the world. Our goal is to photograph two weddings in each country we visit. Who gives us a hand?

Important information: Weddings will be photographed free of charge. We want to tell stories and we want to be another photographer present on this day who has a different look at the event. I am a wedding planner offering to work on this day, while Ivo is the photographer.

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