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we are for love

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We are for love

We are for kisses, hugs, and tears of emotion

We are for the alliances placed in hands trembling with emotion

We are for the smiles, we are for the magic

We are for traditions, we are for weddings

We want to go on the move, looking for new paths

Only then can we feel, only then can we tell the story

It doesn't matter how we go, but why we go

We want to feel happiness, convey it in pictures and in words

Only then will everyone be able to see that love happens all over the world

No matter race, creed, tradition, only love matters

We want to reveal the curious eyes, the friends from a distant country

Only then will we be able to smile spontaneously and share memorable moments.

It doesn't matter if they think we're crazy

We want to talk for hours with strangers, drink new cultures and toast with new words.

Only then can we share the love

It doesn't matter if it's the aunt, the cousin, the friend, the grandfather, only love matters

We want to learn new languages, not to speak, but to listen and tell stories.

Maybe only after climbing mountains, traveling on dirt roads, crossing rivers, will we find the story that makes sense.

It doesn't matter

We want to shout to the world: we are for love!

Just like that after sleeping under the stars, cooking with spices we don't even know the name of and feeling like we don't belong anywhere

We will strip away flags, and borders that are nothing more than imaginary lines

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