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It's been a month since we arrived. We reached the 1,000km goal and we want to share some numbers with you.

0 - number of days without any internet access
1 - number of times we really felt like foreigners - when we called a fox and it was a coyote
2 - books Sofia read: The seven wonders and the story of Terry Fox
3 - number of times Sofia cried: when the van broke down, when the van started and when saying goodbye to her Sudbury friends
4 - number of days in a row without showering, in our defense it was when the van broke down and we were still kind of lost with everything
5 - things we start to value: Bathing in a bathroom just for us; the noise of the van starting; leave the cities; be invited to dinner; coffee
6 - total number of hamburgers eaten by both, 3 each :)
7 - new people we meet and who have already marked us
8 - number of ice creams we've both eaten, the scale here is unbalanced - 5 for Sofia and 3 for Ivo.

All photos with Fujifilm X T-2

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